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SERBIA. Papergirl Novi Sad, a new project of mail-art
06/01/2012 09:47:49

Papergirl Novi Sad is planned to take place in June in Novi Sad, Serbia. Papergirl is, in essence, a mail-art and delivery systems art project that is participatory, analogue, non-commercial, and impulsive.

Submitted artwork is distributed like a newspaper - the artwork is rolled up into bundles of 3 pieces or more and distributed to random people in the street from bicycles, paperboy style. The idea is to surprise people with an unexpected present and brighten up their day with art.

Everyone Can Participate and Anything Can Be Submitted: originals, copies, prints, photos, drawings, paintings, collages, mixed media, zines, writings, textiles, stickers, etc. Format, style and technique are free. They want anything you make and they encourage you to send multiples of your work, so it can be put into many art rolls. The only requirement is that the art be flexible enough to be rolled up! Each roll will contain several different works, meaning that each one holds a unique combination of works. All received artwork will be shown on this blog, and exhibited at a venue in Novi Sad before being distributed.
Deadline for submissions: June 15th, 2012. Learn more at

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