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U.S. CALIFORNIA. Lacin and Christophel transform water tank into kinetic art installation for City of Davis
16/11/2011 10:22:54

Lacin/Christophel Mural & Design complete “Same Sun”, one of the largest public art projects in the region, on November 5th. This nearly 14,000 sq. ft., hand-painted, abstract mural and kinetic shadow installation was commissioned by the Northern California City of Davis for its East Area Water Tank.

The phrase “Sol Omnibus Lucet” encircles the tank which translated from Latin means, “The Sun Shines Upon Us All.” The installation interacts with the sun and seasons by moving shadows across the tank each day, creating a distinct connection between time and place for this site-specific artwork. Three letters of “Sol Omnibus Lucet” are omitted from the painting. The spaces for these letters are completed by sun shadows cast from sculptures on top of the tank.

The four million gallon water tank, visible from I-80, is located at 44085 County Road 32A in Davis, California, west on the Mace Boulevard exit off Interstate 80.

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