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AUSTRALIA. Artistic Reflection Kit by the Australia Council for the Arts
26/08/2011 10:47:16

The Australia Council for the Arts has become one of the world’s first funding agencies to tackle the issue of how to measure the artistic vibrancy of the companies it funds.
Earlier this year, the Australia Council published a series of papers and resources to stimulate debate around artistic vibrancy. It also developed a practical Artistic Reflection Kit which arts organisations can use to evaluate their own artistic performance. Artistic reflection is an integral part of an organisation’s planning process. The Kit provides detailed suggestions for ways to monitor, reflect upon and evaluate artistic vibrancy. It can be used to inform future artistic decisions and ensure an organisation's achievements against artistic goals. Each organisation will involve different people in the process. Artistic stakeholders can be internal or external and should be selected to ensure diverse views. This involves asking for feedback from multiple stakeholders, including staff, artists, peers, funders, audiences and the community, and then reflecting on what you have learned from their feedback. The Kit creates a shared language that multiple stakeholders will understand and it assists company boards to confidently and openly discuss artistic matters. 

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