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SOUTH AFRICA. Mary Wafer at David Krut Projects, Cape Town
16/08/2011 09:46:45

In 2005 Mary Wafer had an extraordinary sight across an dark and silent city, because a series of power blackouts swept across the city and suburbs of Johannesburg. This generated a deep anxiety about the unpredictability not only of the blackouts, but of things in general.

This experience filtered into her painting in the form of building interiors imbued with a sense of the sinister, of something that has not yet happened, the threat of something that is always imminent. The paintings represent the interiors of apartment-block basements, the ceilings of parking garages with their tracks and corridors of lights and plumbing, and their deep corners and sharp turns. Such spaces are intensely familiar. They generate an anxiety that is allied to the desire to move through, to arrive somewhere other than here. They are thoroughfares, holding zones, liminal spaces that we enter only in order to leave them.

Wafer’s new prints and paintings crystallise many of the interests evident in earlier works that draw on images related to the architecture of movement and transport. Peripheral structures, freeways, bridges and highway underpasses, suggest exclusion and marginality in relation to space.

This is Wafer’s first exhibition at David Krut Projects in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and will take place from 20th August to 1st October, 2011.

Mary Wafer: Countermeasures, Part 2
20 August – 1 October 2011
David Krut Projects Cape Town
Montebello Design Centre, 31 Newlands Avenue
+27 (0) 21 685 0676

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