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EGYPT. Cartoonist art show told the history of the Egyptian revolution
31/07/2011 15:13:51

A new exhibition showcasing the work of Egyptian artist and cartoonist, Dr. Atef Adly, was recently held at the El-Sawy Culture Wheel centre in Cairo.

The art show, which was opened until June 29th, was titled "From Your Earth, O Egypt" and presented 58 drawings chronicling the details of the Egyptian revolution through caricature. Adly focused on the history of the revolution and its phases from the first day, along with remarkable events. He began on February 11th with the first painting, which embodies the solidarity of Egyptians with the army against the criminals and thugs, as well as the police running away. He finished the last painting the day before the exhibit opened. It is a caricature of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Among the drawings are also the portraits of the presidents: the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the Libyan leader Moammer Gadaffi, and Bashar Assad. 

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