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Katharina Grosse and Federico Diaz at MASS MoCA (MA): the instinct of colours and the rationality of black
28/07/2011 10:41:47








It is supposed to be an exciting experience to have the chance to find and enjoy two as beautiful as different artworks at the same time. Katharina Grosse and Federico Diaz are currently showing at  MASS MoCA in North Adams (MA) their respective installations, the first inside and the second outside the museum. Katharina Grosse’s One Floor Up More Highly isirregular, exuberant and electrifying. Mattered and colourful mounds emerge from museum’s floor, covered and mixed with other various and unexpected objects. In contrast with the white museum’s walls, they seem to be the surface of an underground and unknown world, where are laying the objects and the signs of another civilization.

The installation Geometric Death Frequency-141 by Federico Diaz fills the museum’s entrance courtyard. Created from 420,000 black spheres precisely milled and assembled by robotic machines, the 50-feet long by 20-feet high sculpture inspire a sense of uneasiness, in its monochromatic black appearance. With part of it also coming out from a museum’s window, as an amorphous blob of the science – fiction imagery, the work of the Czech artist inspire nearly a sublime sensation, for the geometric perfection and the inner feeling of rationality given by the black colour.



One Floor Up More Highly

Katharina Grosse


through October 31, 2011



Geometric Death Frequency-141

Federico Diaz


through March 2012




MASS MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art)


North Adams(MA)



Tiziana for Artmap

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