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UNITED KINGDOM. Pop Art Design at the Barbican until 9th February
18/11/2013 12:50:50

A very interesting and inspiring exhibition about the essence of Pop Art and how much this influential movement became an essential source of inspiration for designers, especially Italian designers. This is an exploration of the exciting exchange of ideas between artists and designers in the Pop age, featuring important artworks by the fathers of Pop Art Andy Warhol, Roy Fox Lichtenstein and impressive pieces of design by renewed designers.

Pop Art is arguably the most influential art movement of the post-war era, and generated an unforgettable array of art works that still resonate today. A fundamental social transformation occured during the post-war period as a result of the political and economic dominance of the USA. The series of displays highlight the diverse range of motifs and methods common to both art and design. The exhibition concludes by marking the importance of Pop to Postmodernism.

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Georges Nelson Associates, Inc. (Irving Harper), Mashmallow, sofa, 1956

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