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CHINA. First exhibition of works by Christine NG Mien Yin at Gallery EXIT, HK
30/07/2012 09:47:59

Gallery EXIT is pleased to present our first exhibition of works by Christine NG Mien Yin, "The Long Goodbye," on view from 3 to 30 August 2012 at 1 Shin Hing Street, Central.

The title addresses the convoluted relationship between urban dwellers in Hong Kong and nature that is perpetually on the verge of disappearing. Based on three photographs taken during hiking trips around the city, the artist employed different processes to reinterpret the landscape imagery.

The exhibition features a series of print transfers, a pair of circular black mirror, two paintings and a video projection. Anchoring the show is a juxtaposed image of the iconic Lion Rock. The image is fragmented into polka dots, evocative of the myopic field of vision brought on by crowded living conditions. Other inkjet print transfers in the series appear faded and monochromatic. By using a repetitive process that incorporates chance, each layer of print transferal becomes increasingly imprecise. On some surfaces the image is intact, on others it looks more obscure, rubbed and torn, with delicate paper shavings left over on the surface, suggesting that it is in a state of decay.

The video "from here to now" is a mirrored video projection, with the left lagging moments behind the right. It observes how commoditized nature -- public beach, luxury housing with a view, country park, the peak -- is being disregarded by its user. The video captures candid conversations of hikers, discussing real estate prices while they trailed through the hills, and a Chinese tour-guide introducing the panorama from the Peak wholly through monetary references.

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Image: Christine NG Mien Yin, from here to now, 2010, HD video, stereo, 10 min 54 sec. Courtesy

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