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JAPAN. 130 photo portraits by Kishin Shinoyama at the Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto
26/07/2012 10:32:38

Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto hosts THE PEOPLE by KISHIN, until September 17, 2012.

Photographer Kishin Shinoyama (1940-) began his photographic career in the second half of the 1950s, and has remained at the top of his profession ever since. The number of photographs he has taken over this period is truly vast.

As Shinoyama himself indicated when he said, “Photographers are mirrors reflecting their times; it is imperative that they shoot prominent events and people,” one could say that he has been the “media” of his time.

This exhibition is a provocative one in which Kishin Shinoyama, an exceptional photographer, makes a renewed appeal direct to the public concerning the great “power of photography” that is inherent in the medium of “photography.” As the words “THE PEOPLE” in the title suggest, it comprises mostly portraits of “famous people” taken over the last 50 years and carefully selected from the perspective of “the power of photography.” A total of around 130 portraits from Yukio Mishima, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and Momoe Yamaguchi to AKB48 and victims of the March 2011 the Great East Japan Earthquake are displayed divided into five sections: GOD; STAR; SPECTACLE; BODY; and ACCIDENTS. Through these portraits, it is hoped the exhibition will prompt viewers to ask themselves anew such questions as “What is ‘Japan’?” and “What are the ‘Japanese’?”

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