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SRI LANKA. Mosque in Sri Lanka to be demolished
24/04/2012 15:03:45

Various news services all over the world are reporting that thousands of Buddhist monks and lay supporters stormed a 60-year-old Muslim mosque in the central Sri Lankan town of Dambulla, about 65 kilometers (41 miles) north east of Colombo on Friday, saying it was constructed illegally in a Buddhist sacred area. So, Sri Lankan government officials have ordered to demolish the mosque and a Hindu temple under pressure from Buddhist monks.

Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne says the mosque has simply been ordered to relocate to another part of the area.

Buddhism is Sri Lanka's state religion.  The Indian Ocean island nation, emerging from decades of ethnic war, is a majority Buddhist nation where monks are politically influential. But the incident has angered senior Muslim politicians.

Mohamed Saleemdeen, a board member of the mosque, denied it was an illegal building and said it had been there long before the area was declared a sacred zone about 20 years ago.

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 Image: Monks in Dambulla have been protesting against a mosque’s presence on land they claim belongs to a Buddhist temple. (File photo)

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