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CHINA. Stigmatics, a cross-disciplinary project on the cultural history of body modification
08/03/2012 11:01:43

STIGMATICS is a collaborative, cross-disciplinary project in Hong Kong involving artist Angela Su, cultural historian Sander L. Gilman, musician and composer Ah-Kok Wong and curator Valerie C. Doran, exploring issues related to the phenomenon of self-mutilation practices in contemporary society, from tattooing to body modification to self-harm, and their implications in both general society and artistic practice.

STIGMATICS will run from 9 to 31 March 2012. It incorporates two exhibitions and The Boundary and the Paradox, a discussion forum with Sander L. Gilmana on the cultural history of body modification and its relation to contemporary society, which will be held on 22 March at Asia Art Archive.

Gallery EXIT is pleased to present The Hartford Girl and Other Stories, a solo exhibition by Hong Kong artist Angela Su. She has been continually interested in exploring not only the perception and imagery of the body, but also, through her performance-based works, the tension of the artist's dualistic state of being when under physical endangerment or distress. In her latest work, The Hartford Girl and Other Stories, Su further explores this theme of the felt experience of the body. Stemming from a series of discussions with cultural historian Sander L. Gilman and curator Valerie C. Doran, Su brings her focus to the spectrum of self-mutilation practices in contemporary culture, and the complexities of meaning that reside within the body and the psyche.

Experimenta Gallery hosts A Tacit Knowledge, sound and image installation by Ah-Kok Wong. In his site-specific installation, Ah-Kok Wong documents through film and sound a series of interviews with high-school students whom he has met in the course of his work and who self-harm. Some of these fragments can be heard onscreen, while others are embedded into the soundscape of recorded music, effects, noise and speech. For Ah-Kok, the attempt to express something that is often inexpressible, even to oneself, and the act of bearing witness to that attempt, are even more important than the content of the answers to his questions.

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Image: Angela Su, still from 'The Hartford Girl and Other Stories', 2011, multi-media installation. Courtesy

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