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CHINA. The first exhibition of book art by international artists on view at White Space Beijing
28/02/2012 15:45:52

White Space Beijing presents DO A BOOK, the first exhibition in China of objects related to book art by a selection of international contemporary artists.

The purpose of this display is to create a dialogue about the tradition of the "artist book" and the genre of the book medium. The artist book is an art form and a medium widely unexplored by contemporary artists in China, but is not absent from current practice. An artist book does not refer to a publication used to augment an exhibition, rather it is an object produced as an art work itself, often as a unique or limited edition. This project is a survey of objects that are related to books by twenty-four contemporary artists from cities around the world ( Tom Bell, Lukas Birk,George Chang, Rutherford Chang, Chen Longbin, Ain Cocke, Guo Hongwei, Hong Hao,Huang Min, Ravikumar Kashi, Kong Guoqiao, Leung Chiwo, Liu Ren, Ma Jun, Out, Qing Qing, Kiki Smith, Sarah Sze, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Tsang Kinwah, Heimo Wallner, Wang Chao, Terry Winters & Ben Marcus, Xu Bing). This exhibition highlights the varied interpretations of the book form: as a vessel for information or narrative, as an abstract form that transcends function, or as a medium referring to a book's social function. 

The organizers acknowledge support from Columbia University LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies. The exhibition, curated by George Chang and Katherine Don of RedBox Studio, will be on view until 18 March, 2012.

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Image: Exhibition view. Courtesy 

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