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EGYPT. Shift Delete 30. Contemporary Egyptian Visual Art during the last 30 years of ex regime in Egypt
25/01/2012 15:30:57

 Saad Zaghloul Cultural Centre hosts an exhibition of the works of 13 Egyptian artists, all born within the late 1970s to mid 1980s. They bring their criticisms towards the previous Egyptian regime, and realizing the past 30 years as a time for national reflection on what had happened to them personally, collectively, and internationally in the eyes of social politics. Alternatively the times of change being faced since the Arab Spring, due to the critical presence of the “Artist as Citizen” in the contemporary Egyptian streets, we have come to realize that the 30 preceding years needed to be erased, or in some cases revised, developed and reintroduced from the artist’s perspective. Hence, the name “Shift Delete 30,” is that act of socio-political criticism, reexamination, and deletion of 30 years of social and political anarchy.
SHIFT DELETE 30 is curated by Ibrahim Saad in association with the Independent Artists Coalition (Egypt), Out of the Circle Initiative (Egypt) and Finding Projects (Egypt). The exhibition will run from January 10-30.

Image: The Parliament of the Revolution – By Artist/ Bassem Yousri. Courtesy

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